Tagträumen hat noch niemandem geschadet. Auf der Arbeit gelegentlich mit den Gedanken abzudriften passiert selbst den besten Mitarbeitern und ist kein Grund zur Beunruhigung — es sei denn dies entwickelt sich zu einem wiederkehrenden Problem. Oft liegt dies dann an mangelnder Mitarbeitermotivation.

Die Ausprägung der Motivation eines Mitarbeiters hat einen…

1. “You are what you eat”

This quote is well-known all around the world but what exactly is good food and which huge impacts can it have on your body and soul?

In every day of our lives, we need to make several decisions regarding food: Coffee or Tea? Cereals or Bread? Ham or Cheese? There…

A little daydreaming never hurt anybody. Occasionally drifting off for a minute or two at work even happens to the best employees and is no reason to be alarmed, unless the disengagement turns into a reoccurring problem. Employee motivation has a major impact on a worker’s productivity and efficiency and…


We offer a food benefit program. Everyday, office workers pick their lunch on our platform and have it delivered from our kitchen, directly to their office.

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