Sustainability at Work: 4 Easy Ways to Make Your Office Eco-Friendly

4 Simple Ways to Make Your Office More Sustainable

1. Offer Sustainable Lunch

2. Decorate with Plants

3. Reduce Energy Waste

  • Use energy-saving technology to automatically switch off electronic devices after hours. Power strips can also be handy to unplug multiple devices at once. Doing so will not only help reduce your C02 footprint but significantly reduce your electricity bill, since you will no longer be paying for power consumed by machines on standby.
  • Instal sensor lighting for areas that don’t need to be lit constantly, such as bathrooms, meeting rooms and hallways. Moving desks closer to natural light sources and reconfiguring the overall office layout to increase flow through, ventilation and light can also cut energy costs.
  • Upgrade old equipment that is no longer working at their maximum efficiency. They draw unnecessary power — often up to 80% more than new devices — costing you more money. It’s best to replace your old office appliances with new certified energy efficient ones.
  • Conserve the heat energy by modifying the temperature in your office slightly. Reducing the temperature by 1°C already saves up to 10% of heating costs and contributes to reducing your CO2 footprint.

4. Go Paperless

  • Use cloud-sharing to cut down on printed memos and reports: Replace your good old-fashioned filing cabinets with digital file-sharing systems such as Google Drive and Microsoft Office Sharepoint. This will save you time, space, money and effort.
  • Implement project management tools to eliminate physical post-its, to-do lists and roadmaps: Writing post-its and printing out lengthy reports are a thing of the past. Instead, use project management tools like Notion and Asana to track deliverables, tasks and roadmaps.
  • Use mobile apps to capture business cards: Instead of collecting an ever-growing stack of paper cards, use tools like Evernote to save them digitally.
  • Ditch printed legal documents: Signing documents can be done using programs like Adobe Sign, which does not only help you cut down paper usage but speed up the process for everyone involved as well.



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